Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Summer Fun

We've managed to stay pretty active thus far into the summer season. We had a fun start with a visit from Aunt Andrea and Uncle Jordan and the gang. They were celebrating their 11 year anniversary so I got to watch the kids so they could sneak away for a couple nights.
The babies always love Rachel

From left to right...Matthew, Rachel, Annie, Christian, Leah, and Hannah

Matthew, Peter, Christian, and Marcus

We had a fun day swimming at the neighborhood pool and then a concert in the park.

Some of the girls even got up to boogie on stage. I did bribe with a dollar for each which I still owe. Sorry Leah. I promise to pay you next time I see you.

Annie, Hannah, and Leah

I loved this one of Matthew.

I recently made a trip up to Dallas and got to see some dear friends. I only managed to get one picture, but I love it. Toni was my next door neighbor. I tease her because she never even said boo to me until I had lived there for 6 months. What a snob huh! Anyway, she and I became very close and I consider her one of my dearest friends. I love you Toni!

Her husband Scott grilled and made delicious drinks for us. It was such a great night. Thanks you guys. I miss you.


Mama Nirvana said...

I am in awe that you took care of 8 kids by yourself. I can't even manage three!

You look wonderful!


Ditto Family said...

I was thinking the same thing as Amy! I'm guessing you are the favorite Aunti!! Glad you got to get away and see your friend too!

Robin said...

Ah...cute kids! They are getting so big...grown up. Fun times and building those memories of cousin time together.

emily a. said...

Thanks so much for posting photos of the kiddies. Your kids are SO CUTE, as are Andreas. It's fun seeing their similarities as cousins.

Laura said...

You are such a good sister and fun Mom and Aunt! It's fun to see the kids together having fun. I've sure got such cute nieces and nephews!! Love ya.

Heidi said...

It is fun to see all the cousins together. I know my boys miss their cousins, can't wait until we can all get together again.
miss you!

Julie said...

What fun times! I'm glad you are working on getting your kids not shy of the stage. I still have never sung a solo just because I'm too nervous! I'll choose to give a talk in church or bear my testimony any day over singing a solo! Lol