Saturday, August 2, 2008

A Meme

My dear friend Amy came up with a list of questions for her readers to answer. I thought it'd be fun to answer them.
1.Besides your family, what is your most prized possession?When My Grandma Clavin passed she left me her wedding ring. It's a classic beauty, but whats special to me about it is remembering how it looked on my Grandma's long slender fingers. It was loose on her finger and I remember her always moving it around with her thumb. I knew how much she loved Grandpa and what the ring meant to her. She made promise to always keep it.
2.If you were on death row, what would your last meal be?
I love food so this is a really hard question. Would it be too much to ask for a samplers platter? It would be a combination of Dads tacos, Moms cabbage rolls, my lasagna, and Andrea's Strogonoff.
3.At a party, would you be hiding in the corner or hanging out at the punch bowl talking it up? And, what food item would your bring to the party?
I'd definitely be at the punch bowl, but I know I'd walk over to the corner to see what y'all had to say. Lets get out on the floor and do the running man together. I'd probably bring a cheesecake.
4.What is the most "girly" thing about you?
I'd say the most girly thing about me is I love to wear pretty summer dresses and skirts.I feel very comfortable in them since they hide my big booty and show off my little waste.
5.What is your favorite piece of furniture in your home?
My armour. It's antique white and has a shabby chic look to it. I bought it at Dillard's for $500 dollars and have never regretted it.
6.What is most likely to be painted -- your toes or your fingers?
Definitely my toes. I like to put a pinkish red on my toes during the summer and a dark red during the winter. I keep clear polish on my nails, but color is too hard to keep up with four kids.
7.If I was going to buy you a bottle of Bath and Bodyworks lotion, what scent would you want?
I love Irresistible Apple. I put it on and want to lick my arm. Weird huh!
8.Do you like to nap? If so, how often do you get to during the week?
I love naps, but found if they're too long I get a headache and feel worse than I did before the nap. Cat naps are key at my house. I set up the train set for Christian and close my eyes for a few while he's busy.
9.Do you have a place in your house where you "hide"? A place where you can have a long phone conversation with a friend without interruption? Where is your quiet place?
I always hide in my closet. I go there to talk on the phone, to catch my breath, or for a good cry. My hiding place doesn't last long before I'm found by one of my darling children.
10.At this point in your life, are you living the life you imagined back when you were in high school/college?
Ummm NO! I definitely thought things would be different, but hey we can't always have what we want.
11.Would you ever get plastic surgery? What would you have done?
Heck ya! If you know me, you know what I'd have done. :)

12.What have you accomplished (besides having children) that you feel most proud of?

I can't say there is one particular thing I'm most proud of, but I feel most proud of myself that I'm a survivor. I've faced a lot of hard knocks and still manage to smile everyday and feel blessed in some way or another.
So now I get to tag someone else. Tag Toni and Marisa, you're it.


Mama Nirvana said...

I loved reading this, Heidi!

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emily a. said...

I loved reading this too. I miss you Heidi.

Julie said...

I love the part about you visiting the other people in the corner! Very nice visual. Thanks for the suggestion. That is helping me make big changes faster!

Andrea said...

Fun little survery. You are such an interesting, fun person Heidi. I always have fun with you and can count on a good laugh, even if it's laughing at ourselves and our sometimes silly ways. Love you.

buhtafly said...

I didn't know! :) What a fun meme!

Toni said...

Cool Q and A! What is "MEME"?

Ditto Family said...

This totally reminds me of our good conversations in Alabama.

Love ya--