Wednesday, August 20, 2008


My cousin Randa tagged me. Here are a few random things about me.

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Randomness about me:

1. I love Neil Diamond. Since I was a little girl I remember singing along to his songs and dancing with my mom. I get a bubbly excited feeling when I hear his song "America". I think it's an inspired song.

2. My second toe is much longer than my first. A friend asked me if it was my big toes body guard. LOL!

3. I enjoy hiding behind a door to scare someone occasionally. The weird part is when I'm waiting to jump out, I get so anxious that by the time the person gets there, their scream makes me scream.

4. I always carry nail clippers and floss.

5. I lay in bed and dream of being an amazing athlete or pop star and the whole croud goes wild for me. Hmmmm, do you think I need some attention. HA HA!

6. I gave birth to all my kids without any drugs. Of course my reasons were all good, like I didn't want the drugs to harm the baby and wanted to prove I could do it, but the main reason is because my friend told me she had an epidural and she pooped on the floor because she couldn't feel where she was pushing. I knew then and there that I'd rather feel the most ridiculous pain in the world than poop on the floor in front of everyone. All natural for me baby.

Ok so now I'm tagging Julie, Andrea, Toni, Elyse, Emily, and Jared. You better do it Jared.


Shyla said...

I think I would rather poop on the floor than feel the pain!! I can't believe you love Neil Diamond. "today"!! Thanks for putting that song in my head!!

Ditto Family said...

Fun to read...are you surviving the week?

Heidi said...

It's beem a great week with all the kiddos. Andrea will be back tonight and then head home tomorrow. We both have to get our kids ready for school to start. Thanks for checking in with me. How are you Sara?

Julie said...

It's up! It was hard to know what to talk about without sounding like me, me, me. But that's what it's all about! I like Neil Diamond too. I don't own any of his music but I still get that thrill when I hear that song. Some music just reaches deep to me. Maybe we have the same taste in music?! Now here is an oldie that I like- "Born Free" and one of my all time favorites is "Chariots of Fire".